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Voices for World Peace


Event Hosting Information

Every year during the Peace Days Festival, individuals and organizations become involved as hosts of an event. If you or your organization are considering getting involved, it all starts with choosing an objective that promotes peace in action.


Once you are ready to apply, simply fill out the Venue Registration Form. To help you do so, the attached Registration Guide will clarify the requirements and support that Peace Days provides to each venue participant.


Every Venue Participant is an important part of the Peace Days community. Getting involved as a part of Peace Days helps to build the peace literacy movement across Manitoba and the rest of the world. This is truly a global movement and Venue Participants have joined Peace Days from all over the globe.


COVID-19 has added unique challenges to our Venue Participants this year, prompting many to shift their event to a digital format. If you are interested in participating digitally, or would like support in adapting your event, you can contact our Digital Facilitator Antony Brouwer. You can also read more about some of the ways Peace Days is rising to the challenge of a more digital focused 2020.