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Voices for World Peace


The Rotary Club of Winnipeg Peace Builder Committee is an inspirer and facilitator of a grassroots movement working together for positive peace locally, nationally and internationally. As Peace Builders, Rotary is committed to a vision, mission and set of values that encourage, facilitate and inspire understanding, positive peace and goodwill.

Land Acknowledgement

I acknowledge I am on the traditional territory of First Nations, Treaty #1 and the homeland of the Metis. I also gratefully acknowledge that the water for Winnipeg comes from Shoal Lake #40 First Nation Territory.


Winnipeg as a community where everyone can experience peace within and beyond ourselves


Serving the cause of peace by nurturing understanding and compassionate action, we collaborate to promote inclusion, human dignity, justice and a sustainable earth.



Values are for Rotarians and friends (in all you think, say and do) for making individual decisions ensuring they are thoughtful and just in the long-term by considering

(“ all “) means every one , everywhere, the wisdom of the past , 7 generations ahead and sentient and non sentient beings.

Strategy and Objectives

There is a strategy and destiny for Peace Days, the Peace Builder and Honouring Indigenous Peoples Committees of the Rotary Club of Winnipeg and Rotary District 5550 World Peace Partners Committee,. Rotary International is a global movement of 34 Zones, 530 Districts and 36,000 clubs. 720 clubs in Canada. It is grassroots in design. It is a mainstream movement of self-actualizing achievers who have the privilege of enough safety, freedom, prosperity and independence to be able without fear or favour to serve the global human family and our planet and universe in value guided ways without boundaries of doctrine, race, colour,creed, nationality, political belief, gender, sexual orientation, or religion dividing them. They are united by the motto Service above Self.

No objective is too large or too small for Rotarians and their allies. A smile, a poem, a song, a kind word a helping hand, listening, showing respect, facilitating dialogue about uncomfortable subjects, supporting worthy causes, building trusting relationships with the oppressed, impoverished and marginalized— are the kinds of things Rotarians and their allies do.

But the objectives Rotarians and allies in the heart of the continent of North America have chosen to advance are of existential importance - necessary to ensure a sustainable future for the global human family that can get along without violence and power abuse  being the means of resolving conflict.

So the BIG objectives require a critical mass of mainstream humanity inspired by our commitment at the grassroots level to build peace literacy skills, practices, discipline and ways of being that create the attitudes, institutions and structures to sustain peaceful societies that provide the optimum environment for human potential to flourish.

Our belief is that this relentless pursuit of a better world will with intention spread throughout the Rotary movement with more and more allies joining the cause of the objectives until Peace 360 is the norm.

So what are the local to global BIG objectives venue participants in Peace Days can choose a little piece of to advance? The objectives to advance with Peace Compassion and Love in whatever way one chooses  consistent with the vision, mission, values and aligned means are a part of any one or more of the 12 listed below:

  1. Positive Peace through Peace Literacy education and action
  2. System changes to integrate compassion and humanity through leadership, education and empowerment
  3. Learning from people of the world – particularly women and children – who are oppressed and impoverished about values, the impacts of abuses of power, violence, greed and cruelty
  4. The concept of accepting the rights of others
  5. A reduction in the human causes of climate change
  6. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights
  7. The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 2030
  8. The United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP); The Truth and Reconciliation’s 94 Calls to Action; The Calls for Justice articulated by the National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls
  9. Decolonization and self-determination of Indigenous Peoples
  10. Encouraging the City of Winnipeg, the Winnipeg Police Service, curriculum for Kto12; Restorative and Social Innovation initiatives; Child Welfare systems; Faith Groups; Humanitarian Groups; Non-Governmental Organizations; Business and Professional Organizations; Service Above Self Organizations to be active in the space of positive peace
  11. Nuclear disarmament
  12. A new world order with an effective and enforceable rule of law

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