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Voices for World Peace



Rising to the Challenge:


The 2020 Peace Days will be the first to feature a wide variety of digital events as a part of the regular Venue Participant calendar. While COVID-19 has brought challenges to peace movements across the globe, it has also helped to spark tremendous new conversations between normally disconnected groups. Peace Days is eagerly embracing the opportunities of a renewed focus on digital events, as it provides a chance for individuals all across the world to participate. Whether you are an individual or organization outside of Winnipeg that would like to get involved with the festival or want to connect your event with people in a different province or country, a digital element to your Peace Days event can make that happen.


Supports for Venue Participants:

In order to support our Venue Participants in their transition, Peace Days has hired Digital Facilitator Antony Brouwer to provide inspiration and direct logistical support. Please get in contact if you would like suggestions on how to adapt to your event.


Peace Days will also be offering two support sessions during both July and August. These sessions will focus on getting the most out of digital platforms such as Zoom, Google Meet, and others. Hosting a digital event can be complicated and Peace Days is committed to supporting our participating venues in whatever way possible.


If you would like to participate please keep an eye on our Facebook page for more information on these sessions.