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A festival of peace and compassion.
September 15 - 24 Winnipeg

Upcoming Events

Sunday - August 6

A National Day of Prayer and Mindfulness

Date: Sunday - August 6
Time: 9:00 AM

As First Peoples of this land, Indigenous Elders invite citizens of all religious and spiritual traditions to come together for a National Day of Prayer and Mindfulness and to pray together in solidarity and unity.

The Day of Prayer begins on August 6th at 9 am at the East Coast of Canada and follows the path of the sun traveling from East to West.  Please join us with your moment of prayer, ceremony or mindfulness at 9 am local time.

Friday - September 15

Rotary Elementary School Peace Walk

Date: Friday - September 15
Time: All Day
Location: The Forks

1000 elementary school children will gather at the Festival Stage at the Forks. The children will be sharing messages of 'What does Peace look like in Canada?' followed by walking through and around the Canadian Museum for Human Rights.

The 3rd Annual Children's Peace Walk, organized by the Rotary World Peace Partners sub committee Peace Days (peacedays.ca), will be held near the Canadian Museum for Human Rights on Friday, September 16th. With the current world conflict this event has become even more significant in teaching our children the power of peace to overcome hate. This year's theme is called 'Heroes Within Us'. Humanitarian speakers will share their stories on the importance of human rights.

Entertainment will be provided by Jake Chernier and the Grand Marshall will be Staff Sergeant Bonnie Emerson from the Winnipeg Police Force.

Thursday - September 21

Standing with Mother Earth

Date: Thursday - September 21 to Friday - September 22
Time: All Day
Location: Whittier Park

Eight teepees will be erected to provide students from grades 5-12 an opportunity to listen to elders and contemporary organizations discuss the four elements, earth, wind, fire and water. The goal is understand the deep Indigenous connection to Mother Earth and how we can protect her. High school students will be given an opportunity to examine ethical questions related to the elements.

Open to the public from 2PM to 4PM on Thursday September 21st.

Peace Day at Miles MacDonell

Date: Thursday - September 21
Time: All Day
Location: Miles MacDonell Collegiate

September 21 - Miles MacDonell Collegiate will be hosting their 4th Peace Day by listening to guests speakers and attending workshops.

This all day event is closed to the public.

Sunday - September 24

Diversity Runway

Date: Sunday - September 24
Time: 2:00 PM
Location: Hotel Fort Garry

Diversity Runway will be held at the Hotel Fort Garry starting at 2pm. The purpose is to demonstrate our reach diversity and the power of individuals in strengthen our society. Guests speakers will be sharing their stories followed by a individuals representing different countries of origin walking the runway.

This is a fundraiser for Welcome Place and Thunderbird House. Tickets will be available through Eventbrite at a cost of $25.

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